Have you registered your child to take part in ‘Let’s Ride’ yet?  If not, what are you waiting for! 

HSBC UK Let’s Ride is a free cycling event taking place in Montpellier on Sunday 1 September.  The event is family friendly, open to all ages and cycling abilities. 

It is the latest new event in Cheltenham, part of Cheltenham Festival of Cycling that gives young cycling fans chance to ride a traffic-free cycle circuit of just 0.8 at their own pace.

Tips for preparing for Let’s Ride

We’ve asked the race organisers to share their top tips for ensuring young riders are prepared for jumping in the saddle in three weeks…

  • Most importantly, if you haven’t already, sign up now. Numbers on the circuit are limited and although signing up on the day may be possible for a few it cannot be guaranteed.
  • Between now and the big day ensure your child’s bike is in full working order. If in doubt get your local bike shop to check it over.
  • Over the next few weeks try and get your child out on their bike, consistency is key.  They don’t need to spend long periods of time on their bike, (the event is only one hour in duration and they can ride this at their own pace), however getting out regularly will significantly help. Especially in making sure they feel comfortable on the saddle.
  • The day before assess the weather. If hot and dry ensure your child has a bottle of water on their bike, or with them in a small rucksack.
  • If the weather is wet and slightly colder then make sure the tyres are not too hard to help with extra grip, ensure they are wearing appropriate clothing and have a warm jacket on hand to give them as they finish.
  • Pack some food in their pockets or rucksack and of course please make sure they have a safety helmet!

What should you expect from Let’s Ride?

It will be a fun day on closed roads around the heart of Montpellier, take the time to ride with your family and friends. Afterwards take advantage of all the other activities within Montpellier gardens.

After you are comfortably tired sit back and watch the professional’s race on the same course with some refreshments from all the great local cafes and restaurants.

For more information check out the HSBC UK Let’s Ride website

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Tips for preparing for Let’s Ride – The free cycling event perfect for young cycling fans