We are Cotswold Transport Planning and we are an independent highways and transportation consultancy that provides advice to companies and individuals relating to access and development. We assist domestic clients looking to achieve new accesses to their properties, all the way through to major urban expansions and their national retail portfolios.

For Cotswold Transport Planning, promoting sustainable travel is always at the heart of our business. We care about developing better travel choices for residents, which can help them to create a healthy lifestyle. Commuting by bike is always on the top of health activities to improve your mental well-being, cut heart disease and cancer risks, it also boosts your brain power! Therefore, we were extremely excited to hear about The Bloor Homes Cheltenham Festival of Cycling and we got involved in the festival to support the Cheltenham Borough Council in organising the vibrant and safe festival and we really want to transfer a wider message to encourage residents to cycle more and so, enhance their health and contribute to keep our environment clean.

We hope that you develop a passion for cycling during this festival and help to promote a sustainable Cheltenham.

Promoting cycling – a healthy lifestyle
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